Master Post: Stupid Questions

This may be the most requested blog post I ever get.

Please post all of the Stupid Questions together!

So, here you go, Rookies!  All of the football basics in one place.  Remember, if I missed a topic, just contact me!

Who are we again? Figure out which team you’re rooting for during the game, at any given time.

What are they even supposed to be doing? Learn the basic objectives of the sport.

Why are there so many teams on this team? Offense, defense, and special teams – their roles and how they make up the team as a whole.

Why can’t they do that? All about penalties.

Why is football so long? Learn why “five more minutes” usually equates to a half hour.

Why just run into a pile? All about routes and assignments – figure out the method to the madness.

Why is everyone yelling? How sound impacts the game.

How does the defense know what to do? How defense is not just a response to offense, but an aggressive attack strategy of its own.

Quarterback? The back of what? Taking the confusion out of position names and what they mean.  

Why is it called football? Help out your soccer friends once and for all.

Why are those guys so fat? How diverse body types can each contribute to a successful football team.

Um, Balls? A rundown of #deflategate.

Who is the MVP? How the NFL awards trophies, which is little better than your nephew’s pee-wee team getting their trophies at Round Table Pizza.

What’s the point of pre-season? Spoiler alert: it’s mostly money.

And … BONUS!! Here are the popular lists about how NOT to sound stupid during the Super Bowl:

What to say

What not to say

Hugs and Loves, Rookies!!


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