Monday Morning Quarterback: It Might Be My Fault

When your winning team loses two weeks in a row, you might start looking around for something on which to place the blame.  Sure, our offensive-line is the clear-cut reason we aren’t making plays.  And last week I gave you a few other, less obvious reasons the Hawks are under-performing …

But now the boogie man is starting to come out.

See, I haven’t been as involved in football this year as have in the last couple of seasons, because I’m acting in a lot of local theatre.  Yesterday we had a show, and I ate dinner with a castmate through the first half of the game.  


See, I wasn’t sitting in my specific lucky couch spot under my lucky blanket.

My bad.

I know it’s not just me.  My fabulous neighbor must … MUST! wear his scarf to the bar to cheer for the Hawks or the results could be dire.

What about you?  Have you affected your team’s outcome with your superstitions?  What were they?  

And are you sorry?


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