Monday Morning Quarterback: Invisible Issues (for Tissues)

Oh, Rookies.  To start the season with a loss feels really terrible.  But I’d argue some of the biggest problems the Seahawks had yesterday were issues that may not have been seen with the naked eye.

  1. The absence of Kam Chancellor – It’s undeniable: Kam is an intrinsic part of the Legion of Boom.  And his absence, due to holding out for contract renegotiations, affected the defence’s ability to stop St. Louis’s offense.  Sure, the Rams have always been a contender in our division, but it was their defence that made all the difference.  This was the first time our defence seemed stymied by the offense.  And where was the hole?  Right there where Kam would be hitting like a Mack truck as Strong Safety.
  2. Ciara! … Is automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky-fresh … and super-distracting.  It’s no secret that Quarterback Russell Wilson is dating pop star Ciara, and my concern is that we have a Jessica Simpson-situation at hand.  When Tony Romo dated Jessica Simpson, his career with the Dallas Cowboys famously plummeted.  As a feminist, I’m not interested in blaming her, per se … He just needs to keep his head in the game, that’s all.
  3. Tight End Chemistry – “They” keep telling me that I am going to be sooo excited about our new tight end, Jimmy Graham.  At 6’7″, he’s ready to receive, and he did catch one in the end zone yesterday.  But I maintain that it doesn’t matter how amazing a receiver or TE is, our QB has to 1) THROW THE DAMN BALL! and 2) throw on target.  It took Russell three attempts to get it into Graham’s hands – and Jimmy still had to reach his lanky frame to make the catch.  Russell has to work on his chemistry with Graham – more than his chemistry with Ciara, at least.

That’s it, Rookies.  Some of the invisible issues that made the loss real and true enough.


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