Monday Morning Quarterback: Injury Report

Last week I instagrammed this pic, teasing that I’d explain the injury on Friday. Then I didn’t. Lolz. Happy Monday!


Here’s the important thing to know: I have the same injury as Richard Sherman. We both have ulnar collateral ligament damage. His is in his elbow, from a collision with Kam Chancellor.



Mine is in my thumb. Because I’m bad at the crow pose.



See? We are just alike.

What is an Injury Report?
Injury reports – real ones – are reports of players’ statuses, due to injury. Players attend practices through the week, and check in with their doctors. Decisions then have to be made – will they play or won’t they?

A list is compiled, with different injury status categories. These lists can change throughout the week, but at game time, eligible players are locked in.

Gamblers, fantasy football players, and fans use these lists to make predictions about how well a team or player might do on a given week. But, the intention is mostly for officiating: locking in eligible players.

Players under this category may have a very minor injury or ailment for which they saw the doc that week. Maybe they have turf toe (that’s a thing! It’s a toe sprain.). Or maybe they have something more severe, but it is chronic and rehabbed weekly, like back issues.

It’s most likely that a player will be fine for the game.

This is a 50/50 chance of play. Injuries might be something like a sore knee or a dislocated shoulder. In these cases, play is tenuous – the player could function, but not at his best. And, there’s a high potential for re-injury.

Maybe the player will play – but he’d be better served to rest.

This status mean that the player is hurt badly enough to be on the Injury/Reserve (IR) list. Once he’s on this list, he is ineligible to play for the week. Usually players with this status have just had a major surgery.

Definitely a “no” for the game.

Richard and Me
It’s still up in the air, whether or not Sherman will have surgery for his arm. But, knowing him, he’ll rehab fine and be ready for next season.

I do not need surgery – just stabilize and exercise. I, too, will be ready for next season – but y’know … to cheer on the team!

Hugs and loves!


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