Throwback Thursday! A Tale of Two Parades

Yesterday the Patriots proved further their true nature: which is gross.

Following the marginal victory over the Seahawks, the Pats came home to their victory parade. I don’t begrudge them that – their fans deserve the opportunity to hail their conquering heroes. It’s a big deal.

In fact, last year’s victory parade is one of my greatest regrets. I had planned on attending, excited to cheer in the midst of 12s for my Pookie et al. But with threats from the school district looming over me, I realized I just couldn’t take the day.

I wrote on the whiteboard in the front of my class

Yes, I’m here (sad face).

And a student jotted underneath,

And we love you.


Meh. I’d still rather be there.
So I live-streamed it all day.


It was gorgeous! Marshawn Lynch played a Native American drum and threw Skittles into the crowd. The Ducks (water to land tourist rides) cruised with each unit aboard: wide receivers, QB’s, the Legion of Boom. 12s gathered en mass, cheering, reflecting the joy that the Hawks had brought them. I wish I’d been there.


What a difference from the Pats.

Rather than celebrate with gratitude and humility, the Pats celebrated with vitriol and anger. They won – but you wouldn’t know it. Most of their energy was not spent on thanking their fans, but on denigrating their opponent (calling Lynch “Bitch Mode” rather than “Beast Mode.” Ugh.).



They were into shooting guns


And chugging beers and shaking their asses at the fans


(yes, I know Pookie had Fireball at his parade – but watch the video – it’s an adorable moment with fans).

I’ve heard from other fans across the country that the 12s aren’t “classy.” I don’t get it. Is it because of being so loud? Is it because we support Sherman, who talks big? Well, he proved himself classy at the game, showing good sportsmanship at his loss. Is it because we support Bennett, even though he threw punches at the Super Bowl (funny how Gronk reveled in throwing his own “haymakers” with no consequences).



All I know is this: up here in the PNW, we love the Hawks and they love us. As they say, “we play for each other.” It isn’t about belittling anyone else, but about being a championship team everyday.

Well, it stands to reason: we’re called 12s.
They’re called Massholes.


2 responses to “Throwback Thursday! A Tale of Two Parades

  1. Sad sad sad on all levels.

    They celebrated someone’s Loss (who makes themselves feel better over mocking someone else’s loss?? Pats)…

    Whereas we celebrated a Victory during our parade ❤

    I was there last year, and the spirit was so contagious!!! So much happiness, victory, and goodness!!

  2. The worst part to me is the ignorance, I understand they lack class. Apparently third grade logic is also in short supply on the East Coast. Mock Sherman’s bravado all you want, this is what happens when you are a well known talker. That being said for a WR with one ring himself to mock Sherman in such a fashion is illogical. Further more I do not recall Julian making a bunch of catches on our elite comer but rather the sixth string rookie, smart strategy but hardly brag worthy. Now to the idiotic nature of Lagarret’s display, he rushes for forty yards and no scores, this stands in stark contrast to Lynch and his hundred plus and a touchdown. Hardly slowed by the opposing defense. Despite losing the game, his performance lived up to the hype. Oh and Lagarret’s Super Bowl appearance would not exist had he not been cut midsession by the Steelers for literally walking out during a game because he was unhappy with his role on the team. Just applying logic here, it seems Blount is more deserving of the label he so emphatically bestowed on Lynch. Again, it’s not the lack of class or sportsmanship that irritates me, it’s the flat out dillusional perception of events manifesting in public displays of ignorance that drives me nuts.

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