What Do I Do Now?

Well, that’s it, Rookies. It’s the end of my first football season as a blogger. I’ve been with you from preseason all the way through the Super Bowl. We had a safe place for all of your stupid questions. We endured scandals, looked to the past, and anticipated a bright future. What a season.

But now what?

Should I keep blogging in the off-season, keeping you abreast of the NFL’s goings on and prepping you for next season?


Should I switch sports and tell you all about baseball?


Should I just curl into a ball on my couch and hibernate for the next seven months – living on the fat built up by an over-indulgence of Skittles?

Let me know on my Facebook, Tweet me @therookiegirl, email me at contacttherookiegirl@gmail.com, or let me know in comments.

Hugs and Loves and Thanks for a great year!


One response to “What Do I Do Now?

  1. Write that zombie novel..???…??? Or something ? Maybe help other struggling wanna be writers to find the courage to write..???…????

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