Monday MOURNING Quarterback – 5 Stages of Grief

See what I did there?

Today – the day after the devastating Seahawks Super Bowl loss – I’m looking to the 5 Stages of Grief and Loss to deal with my debilitating post-game depression.

Stage 1 – Denial and Isolation
In the last 20 seconds or so of the game, I readied myself for the win.
“It’s first and 1 for the goal! Here we go! Feed the Beast!” We were down by four, and only needed this touchdown for the win. This is what Marshawn Lynch was made for.
And then Wilson threw the ball. And it was intercepted.

The following moments were strange. The Pats lined up. There were fights. It was messy.

Is that it?

I whispered to Johnny.
“That’s it,” he said.

I couldn’t believe it. (Denial).

It was confusing. Even I knew what to do on that play. But they threw it? And it was over.

I jumped onto Facebook immediately. I’d been on sporadically during the game, excitedly updating for big plays or the halftime show. But now I was signing off. I couldn’t stand to see one word about this. Especially from Pats.


“$&@!ing Pats and their %^*$ing culture of cheating. $&@# Tom Brady and his @&$”ing smug, all-american jock face. If even one of those ignorant Pats fans with their speech-impediment-posing-as-an-accent contacts me on Twitter I will rant-blast their account.” (Anger).

Then I decided to meditate.

“It’s probably because you liked Gronk so much,” Johnny jokingly remarked.

“Yeah … haha … probably,” I returned.

Oh God. Was that it?

But I love the Hawks so much!

We’re the team based on love! And they’re the team based on rule loop holes, lies, and baked beans.

Why God? Whyyyyy??

I did all of my rituals. I sent lots of love. Did I not love them enough? If I show love better, can we please win next year? Please?!? (Bargaining).
I’ll stand outside in the cold and rain if it helps!


I may have had Skittles for breakfast.
And yes, these are sweatpants.
No, I don’t plan on fixing my hair. Messy buns are adorable. They’re not? Well they are conducive to my big plans of sitting on the couch and watching Swamp People. *sigh*


Not yet.


3 responses to “Monday MOURNING Quarterback – 5 Stages of Grief

  1. Gotta learn to enjoy the ride, the wins will never be enough and the losses hurt like hell. End of the day all we have is the ride. Sports fandom , a drug of sorts I suppose, looking for the next fix.

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