Stupid Questions #13: Who is the MVP?

The short answer, Rookies, is: we don’t exactly know … yet.

Now, for the long answer:

MVP of What?
So there are actually a LOT of honors given by the NFL. Tomorrow night, as per tradition, is the NFL Honors Awards. This event is kind of like a combination of the Oscars and your kid’s peewee awards at Round Table Pizza. Everyone is dressed up and fancy, but someone is getting a trophy that says “Best Sportsmanship.” Seriously.

At this ceremony, the MVP will be awarded. In this case, MVP means the Most Valuable Player during the regular season. It’s a humungous deal, since there are SO MANY players in the NFL. But it’s also a bit anticlimactic – since the following day is the Super Bowl.

See, the very next day, a Super Bowl MVP will be awarded. This player will have made the greatest contribution in the biggest game of the year. So … yeah … also a humungous deal.

YOU are an MVP! … of Voting
Since the NFL has already been determined, and the trophy just has to be awarded tomorrow night, I want to focus on the Super Bowl MVP. After all, you have a say in that one.

Oh, yeah … you read that right!

All of that X-Factor, The Voice, and American Idol voting practice you’ve incurred is about to come into play!

During the Super Bowl, you’ll pay very close attention to every play, and simultaneously be able to vote for the Super Bowl MVP!

*click here* for the voting link.

Of course, the Fan Vote is only 20% of the determining say. 80% of the vote comes from the Sports Associated Press – a collective of sports analysts and writers – only about 16 people! It might feel unfair, but these are people who watch sports for a living. They know what they’re looking for. And if fans get too much power, mistakes can be made – Scotty McCreery did win American Idol.


What Do They Win?
At the end of the game, votes are tallied, and the MVP is awarded right there on the field. There’s a trophy, of course, called the Pete Rozelle Trophy. But, there’s also a car, which is traditionally driven right onto the field amidst cascading confetti. And, there’s the quintessential,

I’m going to Disney World!

Which is true … he’ll lead a huge parade in the Happiest Place on Earth.

There’s also simply the prestige of the title. No matter what that player does in the future, he’ll always be the Super Bowl MVP. It’s like when an Oscar-winner is in a crappy new release – the title is always there.

“Your Highness” starring Oscar-nominee James Franco and two-time Oscar-winner, Natalie Portman [is a real thing].


Who Has Won Before?
Since 1967, there have been 43 different winners. A couple of guys have won multiple times, including … wait for it … Tom Brady.

Last year’s win was a cool one. First, it was cool because it was a Seahawk, so there you go. But more than that, it was also given to (somewhat obscure) defensive player. Players on defense rarely get the trophy – truthfully, it’s usually the QB’s that get it. But last year’s win over Denver was a clear defensive victory. Smith made some spectacular tone-setting plays, including a pick-6 against Peyton Manning (remember what that is, Rookies? An interception, running the ball all the way in for a touchdown).


Who Will Win Super Bowl MVP This Year?
It remains to be seen!

Hugs and Loves


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