NFL 2015 Media Day!

It’s hard to write about Media Day without being there – because everything I’ve seen has been through the … media.

But after watching (obsessively) over the last 36 hours, I can come to only one conclusion:

I should have been there.

Media Day is a day during the week before the Super Bowl, set up for mass press-conference-style interviews of athletes and coaches. Each player is only mandated to attend for 4.5 minutes, but many stay much longer, answering a litany of questions by hordes of reporters.

The event is notoriously devolving. In an attempt to garner attention from the interviewees, thus getting in their question, some reporters have resorted to ridiculous costumes.


The questions, too, have devolved, mostly to draw out silly responses or memorable sound-bytes, or maybe just to break up the monotony (how many times can one ask Tom Brady about the toughness of the LOB? Answer: so.many.times.).

Actual questions asked yesterday:

Who is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

To Bobby Wagner (Answer: Rafael)


Is this a must-win game?

To Pete Carroll (Answer: uh, yes)

Here’s the thing, Rookies
I would have done a much better job than half of those fools.

I love a good costume! I could even dress up as halftime act, Katy Perry! Truth be told, I wouldn’t, though. Because I am a.serious.writer.

I would, most definitely, ask better questions, though. Good questions have to be game-relevant, but also unique. So here’s what I would have asked, if I had a press pass:

1. To Kam Chancellor – How do you make your transition from the intense on-field persona of Bam-Bam Kam, to the cordial man we see off the field?

2. To Pete Carroll – You’ve said that you came to Seattle when you could “put a team together the way [you] wanted to” – what does that mean and how has that shown up in this year’s team?

3. To Earl Thomas – Which Bible figure would make a good member of the LOB, and why?

4. To Russell Wilson – What will you ask Terry Bradshaw at the Presentation of the Trophy this time?

5. To Jermaine Kearse – Who was your favorite teacher in Clover Park, and how did they influence you?

6. To Richard Sherman – Besides a “stay in school” cliche, how has your intellect played into your game, and how would you emphasize intellectualism to school-age players?

7. To Doug Baldwin – How does your “anger”-persona reconcile with your “man of faith”-persona?

8. To Dan Quinn – Does all of this emphasis on loving one another and playing for one another come from you? How does it affect the game?

9. To Darrell Bevell – What would you say to girls who are rabid fans of football, and want to play, coach, or be sports journalists?

10. To Marshawn Lynch – Wanna get out of here? 😉

New Goal for 2016:
Press Pass.


2 responses to “NFL 2015 Media Day!

  1. Tom Brady – So does your need to cheat come from General lack of integrity or a passionate need to overcome a shortcoming of some sort?

    Bill B. – How does it feel knowing that the constant attempts to cheat in order to win playoff games has assassinated any legitimacy of the Pats being considered a dynasty?

    Brandon Browner- Is it the roids that have you so angry or knowing that you were the replaceable LOB member that had you all pissed?
    Robert Kraft- Does your influence over Rodger G. Extend past the professional?

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