Monday Morning Quarterback: Now With Links!

The only football I watched this weekend was last year’s Super Bowl on DVR, at my friend’s house. No sense in doing a recap of that! And, you know I didn’t watch the Pro Bowl.

So today I thought I’d hook you up with some people who were more thoughtful than me about this weekend …

The Official NFL blog is great for franchise updates, injury reports, and quick game recaps. It is not good for transparency about struggles with violence and abuse, or honesty about ball deflation.

ESPN is good for game analysis with a little football gossip on the side. There’s a lot of Pro Bowl info here, too – if you care.

Chicks in the Huddle covers all NFL news from a female fan-respective … A really well-informed female fan.

Dave Krieg’s Strike Beard is a highly biased Seahawks fan blog. But y’know … Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

The Hawk Zone is a fan blog, hosted by the Seattle PI. A 12th Man essential, the blog is a place for updates, interviews, and fanaticism.

What other blogs are football essentials? Let me know in comments!

Hugs and Loves!


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