Monday Morning Quarterback: Bam Bam Kam!

Kam Chancellor was the highlight of this weekend in my eyes. In Seattle’s game against Carolina, Kam proved why his nickname is Bam Bam Kam.

Kam is a Strong Safety. Remember that position, Rookies? It basically means he is the last line of defense. If the opposing offense gets by everyone else, Kam has to be there to stop the play.

And oh! Is he ever good at it. The Virginia-native is 6’3″, 232 lbs. of solid muscle. He’s known for crushing hits that seem to come from nowhere, because he’s not just big, he’s fast.

As Richard Sherman says about him:

Kam Chancellor damages people’s souls.

What does that even mean?
I think the answer is two-fold.

Finish Him!

Kam’s hits are so hard, they drive into the very being of the victim opponent. It reminds me of the video game, Mortal Kombat, where the physical combat is overseen by an otherworldly judge. When an opponent is clearly beat, the judge yells, “Finish him!” And the final blow is delivered, not only killing the opponent’s body, but damning his soul.

That’s how hard Kam hits. It’s like the 12s are all yelling, “FINISH HIM!”

Obviously, that’s a lot of hyperbole. Nobody is damning anyone’s soul, here. But when Kam gets up from a hit, his adrenaline-fueled victory arm-pumps and yells are scary. Like, really good-scary. Like Jax on Mortal Kombat.


That’s Demoralizing

The other meaning I find in Sherman’s statement about Kam is that his playing breaks the will of the opponent. His hits are so solid, fear enters the hearts of the supposed warrior-type players, as they seek to avoid him. And once hit, who could possibly maintain the will to play?

(Click here for a highlight reel of hits. Warning: features music with adult language).

Bam Bam This Weekend
This weekend, Kam not only crushed as Strong Safety, but he had two more over-the-top moments.

He made an interception, catching a pass intended for the other team, and running 90 yards to score a Seahawks Touchdown. Incidentally, this was the longest run for a TD in Seahawks post-season history … outdoing Percy Harvin’s 87-yard run last year.

He also leapt over the o-line twice to block a field goal attempt. Though the play wasn’t successful, his athleticism was ah-mazing.

Strength. Speed. Agility.


Kam Chancellor – my new favorite defensive player.


2 responses to “Monday Morning Quarterback: Bam Bam Kam!

  1. You can not be a good football player until you internalize the simple idea that it is better to be the hammer than the nail. Kam, has taken the metaphor to another level, he is a hammer. Further more, on the point of soul taking, the fundamental necessity of the warrior mentality is a belief that one is invincible, without it you can not do what is needed for victory ( the rational mind kicks in and screams STOP!) when your invincible self gets de-cleated, seemingly out of nowhere, on the level of Kam, it provides empirical evidence of your mortality in a crowd pleasing way. Hence the soul damage. Go Hawks !

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