Monday Morning Quarterback: Get Open, Dammit!

This weekend I went to a cookie exchange party at Coach Mike’s house. Besides imbibing the ol’ egg nog and stuffing my face silly with chocolate-coffee-crinkle cookies, we partook in some football-talk (and I understood every word, Rookies!).

Friend: Russell gets rid of the ball too quickly.

Me: No! What are you talking about?!? He holds on for ages!!!

Mike’s Dad: Well, he’s looking for an open receiver, and they just aren’t getting open.

Me: Exactly.

Mike’s Dad: Every route becomes a fade route.

At this point, I’m internally giddy, both because of the nog and because I KNOW WHAT HE MEANS! Remember the Route Tree Coach Mike taught me? The WR’s run their assigned route, and then finish by continuing down field, covered by the opposing Corners or whomever. They aren’t running sharply, in order to stay open.


Coach Mike’s Dad proceeded to explain about some olden-times players (y’know, pre-2013), who ran curls so sharply, no one knew who the QB was throwing to … until the ball connected with the receiver. The QB and WR had extreme trust in each other, and knew they’d connect in the space where they’d planned.

Yesterday’s game against the 49-ers was a great example of this. Russell held on and held on, clearly scrambling, giving his guys time to get open, rather than trusting them to run their route cleanly.

The greatest connections were with Jermaine Kearse, when the execution of the route worked.

Neither offenses executed well, yesterday. But the Seattle defense made up the difference. As we proceed toward the playoffs, the passing game is what’ll need to get cleaned up.

Hugs and Loves!

Except to Harbaugh – #sorryimnotsorry


2 responses to “Monday Morning Quarterback: Get Open, Dammit!

  1. Now for the real mind bender, teams with highly mobile QBs tend to establish rules for their recievers on exactly how and where to break off routes in order to maximize options when the QB is on the run. They practice these rules often involving layered combinations of receiving options trying to get in the view of their QB. It’s not always as accidental as it looks on tv. Go Hawks!

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