Monday Morning Quarterback: DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE!

Yesterday’s game (SEA vs. AZ) boiled down to one thing: DEFENSE!  The match-up was so close: the reigning NFL champs known for killer defense, versus the current division leaders on a six-win streak.

Neither offenses could get much done.  The bulk of scoring was field goals – a real comment on the teams’ ability to hold one another, even while in the Red Zone (ew – that term still grosses me out).

How good were the respective defenses?  Really good.  The Cardinals sacked Russell Wilson a season-high SEVEN TIMES!  Sure, that stat speaks to the ever-problematic Seahawk O-line, but let’s give the Cardinals credit – that’s a lot of sacks, yo!

The Seahawks were just as strong – better, if the score is any indicator.  Seattle held Arizona to a season-low 204 TOTAL YARDS!  Drew Stanton was 14 of 26 for 149 and had one interception.  Keep in mind, just a week ago, Stanton threw for a career-high 306 yards.

Another interesting play saw DeShawn Shead blocking Drew Butler’s punt.  Apparently, it wasn’t even a designed punt block, but Shead rushed after realizing the Cardinals had only 10 players on the field.

How did the Hawks get back in it?  I’m hearing everywhere that the Hawks looked like their old selves.

Doug Baldwin explained:

“There was something that was missing.  There was a subtle difference there and I feel like today we kind of found it. We talked about it throughout the week. Like I said, just trusting each other, respecting each other and going out there and playing for each other.  I definitely felt it today.”

Earl Thomas added:

“It’s a special win because we did it together.  For the first time this year, I think we played for pure reasons, for no motives attached. That’s what you love about this team: We can put our egos aside and we can admit when we’re wrong. Guys stayed true.”

Was there anything good about the offense?  Absolutely.  Two bright spots – both Tight Ends – come to my mind: Helfet and Moeaki.

After field goal after field goal, Wilson finally connected to Helfet on a 20-yard catch-and-run touchdown late in the third quarter.

Moeaki, a recently acquired Tight End, led the team with four receptions.

How bad did we need this win?  Badly.  We are now in the thick of the most difficult schedule in the league.  Beating the division leader helps our division standings, keeping us eligible for the playoffs.  It was vital for morale and for numbers.

Now on to San Francisco!




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