This Blog Post Totally Counts

I’ll admit it: I was a bit busy today. So this post is a bit cheater-rific. I’m going to let a few others do the talking.

First, from Johnny:

He’s referring to this (and others like it) … It’s what happens when you google “Marshawn Lynch”:


Leave Pookie alone! Just let the Beast play! And when there’s actual news (not rumors), report it!

As my friend would say,

Mic Drop.


One response to “This Blog Post Totally Counts

  1. Classic, when there is no relevant sports news the ” media,” just invents some. Bottom line, it’s none of our business what goes on between a coach and his player, or even a players motivations for his harmless half time decisions, not our issue. They play a game, we get entertained, end of transaction. Go Hawks.

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