Monday Morning Quarterback: Well Shoot. I Knew It.

There’s a certain naïveté early in fan-hood that makes a Rookie root extra hard, regardless of the odds. It takes a bit of maturity to say, “yeah, we’re probably going to lose this week. I mean, I’m gonna hope for a win, and cheer my ass off, but I know enough about the teams and the game to know what will happen”

For the first time, I went into yesterday’s game with eyes wide open.

This was the biggest factor in the loss. With Mebane out with a hamstring injury, our (already challenged) D line literally had a hole in the middle. The Kansas City Chiefs took total advantage, running straight up the middle, play after play.

The Hawks also felt the loss of Wagner. The linebacker has shown leadership on the field, and without him, the defense struggled to maintain.

When Unger was injured in the fourth quarter, I just about lost it. There he was, being carted off the field. Ugh! All of that muscle already out on defense … And now offense, too?! Having a Center out hurts.

Why are they all getting hurt?
I’ve heard a couple of theories. First, the Seahawks are known for practicing hard. The question is, are they practicing too hard? Are they beating up their bodies more than necessary, and suffering when it counts?

Second, the Seahawks schedule is brutal. Have a bye week on Week Four means a whole lotta weeks without any breaks. That means no time to rehab injuries or even have solid rest. Are the Hawks injury prone because of relentless play?

Playing Away
Coupling a crippled team with playing away means no extra boost from the home crowd. The Hawks seem to rely so heavily on the 12th Man – maybe even more so than other teams and their fan bases.

Kansas City is especially challenging because of its noise factor. When the 12th Man broke the world record for stadium noise last year, KC took it as a challenge. They broke the record at the next opportunity. Although Seattle responded with another record-breaking, ear splitting crowd, KC topped us again, and currently holds the title.

The effect of all of this is another rivalry. KC has something to prove – at least its crowds do. The noise is unreal … But especially so when Seattle comes to town.

Did it work? I’d say so. The Hawks had 8 total penalties on Sunday, several of which were false starts. The Chiefs only had 3.

Wide Receivers
We’re hurtin’ y’all. I love Kearse and Baldwin – but we just don’t have that amazing, explosive WR to get the job done. Who is going to replace Percy Harvin? Our passing game is next to nil right now. It makes us have to rely on Marshawn too much. So much, in fact, that the Chiefs defense knew exactly what to do on a 4th and inches play. They stopped him up good.

So …
I knew that even though both teams came into this one 6-3, KC had the edge. Sometimes knowledge is power – but sometimes ignorance is bliss. It was nice to be full of blind hope, back in the day. But it’s also nice to … y’know … Know stuff.



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