Monday Morning Quarterback: Under Pressure

When I was in college, I was one of those write-a-15-page-analysis-on-William-Blake’s-role-in-Romanticism-the-night-before-it’s-due kinda girls. Some would call it “procrastination.” But not me. I know the value of pressure.
It made me efficient, quick-witted, and work with a sense of urgency.

I have a theory: the Seahawks, too, function best under pressure. After all, why else would yesterday’s game go as it did?

By looking at the score, the game was exactly the shot in the arm that the Hawks needed. At game’s end, the Seahawks beat the Giants 38-17. In fact, when I asked Siri the score, she said,

The Seahawks pounded the Giants by a score of thirty-eight to seventeen, yesterday.

(I love Siri).

And this is exactly how the game should have gone. We ARE the defending world champions, and New York has been struggling all year. Plus, it was a home game!

But really, the game was quite close until the end … Until the Hawks were under pressure to get it done. In the first half, Russell Wilson threw 2 terrible interceptions, the offense allowed three turnovers, and the defense couldn’t stop Eli Manning’s passing game.

The pressure was on. I mean, with a team like the Giants, there was no need to be down by three. You could hear it through the crowd (even through the T.V.) – the 12’s were putting on the pressure.

By the end of the game, however, Marshawn Lynch had scored 4 touchdowns (a personal record), and the team rushed for a team-record 350 yards. The final score reflected the late-game effort, but only after the Hawks were under pressure.

Russell Wilson seems to thrive in this way, too. Is this why he holds on to the ball SO LONG? Does he thrive under the pressure of being outside the pocket? Is this why he speeds up his plays as the game progresses? Is this why is scramble+slide is needed to get some marching downfield done, late in many games?

Anyway, I can sympathize with needing some pressure to get something done. But it sure is stressful! … whether I’m drinking Red Bulls at midnight, trying to write a paper – or cheering for the Hawks at the two-minute warning.



One response to “Monday Morning Quarterback: Under Pressure

  1. Well the pressure is on now at Kansas City , Arizona, at S.F. , at Philidelpia, then S.F. again, oh and @ Arizona, close vs. St. Louis. No tougher stretch exists in pro football this season. Three of the next four in the road with the one home game against the one loss division leader. This stretch will define the season. It’s 430 am paper is due at 7, you partied on frat row since last Thursday, your scholarship is on the line, and the prof hates you. It is truly put up or shut up time.

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