Help! I Don’t Know What to Say!

Maybe because it’s November, and NANOWRIMO is upon us (aka the Season of Writer’s Block) – but I’ve got a bit of a block regarding this blog, today.  I guess it’s time to ask YOU: what should I be discussing here?

After two months, a few patterns have emerged:

Monday – Mnday Morning Quarterback (weekend game analysis)

Tuesday – Some current event or football-related topic??

Wednesday – Some other current event or football-related topic??

Thursday – Throwback Thursday (usually a bit of lazy writing)

Friday – Stupid Questions (football basics)

According to the statistical analysis on my site, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are still my most highly viewed days!  Why?  I guess because current events are … current.  But, I do find those days the most difficult to fill.  I like writing Fridays the most – I get to reinforce my own learning.

I NEED YOUR HELP – What issues would you like to see addressed here?  What is working?  What isn’t?

Thanks for ANY and ALL of your feedback!

Truly – HUGS and LOVES!

(PS – and an extra hug for my buddy, Dan, who looked into getting me tix for my first Seahawks game.  He didn’t actually get them, though – so you still have the opportunity to make history!  Only 4 more home games left!).


4 responses to “Help! I Don’t Know What to Say!

  1. Some ideas, possibly based on stupid questions my husband may have asked which I may not know the answer to…
    Info about positions–corner back, free safety. Ours are injured but what do they really do?
    Injury updates
    NFL and AFC, divisions, standings
    Why are there SO many people on the sidelines?
    Random statistics facts like longest field goal. 58 yards is a long way!

  2. I thought of more. 🙂
    On Sunday I noticed all the coaches. I didn’t know we had a wide receivers coach. Just how many coaches are there? (Did you blog about this before and I’m having deja vu?)
    Also, how many days a week do we really need to watch football. Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football. Sunday Night “game of the week”, not to mention Friday Night Lights and Saturday. Jees…it’s like a full time job or something!

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