Monday Morning Quarterback: A Win is a Win

Several of my friends have uttered this statement to me, especially after a game where I felt the Seahawks should have done something better.  Is it my overly critical nature to look for areas of improvement?  Is it a condition left over from my days as a teacher – moving kids up that improvement scale, even if (especially if?) they are high achievers?  It it because I’m a mom and I nit-pick?

I just want our team to be the best, and I expect the best out of them – so if there’s an area of improvement, even in a win, I say take a look at it.

Like Coach Pete said:

“We could have been 8-8 just like that last year and people forget that.  I’ve harped on that more than I should have with our team so they realize how tough it is. … I know you all would like it easier and smoother and cleaner and all that, but it’s a battle. Suck it up.”

Should it even have been such a battle this weekend?

Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks played the Oakland Raiders.  Oakland had a record of 0-7 coming into the game.  Remember, Rookies, that records are laid out as wins-losses-(ties).  Look at that record again.  OH AND SEVEN!  It should have been a blowout … But it wasn’t (we won 30-24).

Sure, there were stellar moments from star players: Marshawn Lynch rushed for two touchdowns, one of which took the entire team’s effort to get him across the line.

Bruce Irvin made a phenomenal pick six, returning the interception for 35 yards.

Richard Sherman made a beautiful (long-awaited) interception, beating Andre Holmes to the ball.

But there were problems, too.  Most of them stemmed from the O-line.  Whining about the Offensive Line is starting to feel like “All About That Bass” … I’m a little sick of that song.  Indeed, Okung, Unger, and Schilling were all out this week, leaving rookies and untested players in unfamiliar spots.  The effect was clear: Russell Wilson did not connect as needed.  As he said:

“I don’t think I played well at all for whatever reason.  Usually I know why something was off … but I just felt like I was in it and whatever I was trying to do didn’t work.”

And, although this was a better game for the LOB in terms of turnovers, it was far from perfect.  Several missed opportunities exposed the limits of zone coverage in the secondary.

Also, Hauschka – usually so money – had a missed field goal (though he made a fumble recovery – so props there) and Jon Ryan had a blocked punt.

So – yes, a W is a W.  But everyone has some work to do: Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

Because when we play the WORST team, AT HOME,  we should all expect more.


3 responses to “Monday Morning Quarterback: A Win is a Win

  1. I think the problem – as adoring fans – is that we witnessed something pretty incredible last year. I think that our films have been scrutinized, watched, watched and re-watched because we are a force to be reckoned with. That’s the (clear) reason Sherm has gotten ZERO plays in this year – save for yesterday, because Carr is so green – and also probably the reason Your Pookie hasn’t been such a crazy force on the field – even though he still sticks it to em’ every once in a while – ya can’t cage THE BEAST (amirite?). I think this is typically how World Champs are dealt with the season after they take THE WHOLE ENCHILADA and that nothing will be as easy as it once was…not that last year was easy by any means…but it was certainly more explosive.

    But that’s just THIS rookie’s take.

  2. Remember even the worst team in the NFL is filled with professional players, how soon we forget that the eventual super bowl champs trailed 0-8 Tampa Bay by 21 in the second half before winning in over time. A win is a win, a step closer to the post season, at seasons end they don’t count style points for playoff spots just wins.

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