Haters Gonna Hate (hate hate hate)

Quoted Taylor Swift on a football blog?  Why yes I did.

There’s this thing on Instagram and Twitter: a phenomenon of sorts.  If you get people negatively commenting on your tweets or pictures – especially your selfies – you have arrived.  Even ABC’s new comedy, “Selfie” alluded to this concept when the lead character lauded herself for having so many haters.

(There are over 33,000 posts under #lovemyhaters on Instagram right this second – I just checked).

The idea is that if people hate you, they’re paying attention to you.  Granted, this is a pretty narcissistic way to live one’s individual life.  But, if we look at it in team sports, it’s pretty great.

In the last few weeks, the Seahawks have gotten a lot of hate.  From criticism of the Legion of Boom and O-Line (even though some of it was deserved), to street harassment of Marshawn Lynch, to pervasive rumors designed to divide the locker room – people are loving to hate the Seahawks.


See, if you’re a team like Jacksonville, no one is paying any attention to you.  Your losses are expected; your wins are negligible.

But a team like the Seahawks – the defending champions – all eyes are on them.  According to my friends who are long-time fans, there were many under-the-radar years, where the Hawks were the Jacksonville of the Pacific Northwest.  Now, as a team with a stake, it’s nice to be right smack in the in the radar.

So, I have no problem with haters.  At least y’all are thinking of us.  And to that I say, HUGS and LOVES!


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