Monday Morning Quarterback: We Should Score More

I’ve never seen a game like yesterday’s Seahawks v. Panthers game.  Granted, in my short life as a fan, I haven’t seen many games overall, but this seemed a bit strange.  It was a battle of the field goals as both teams struggled to produce touchdowns.

Okay, Rookies …

What does it say about a team, when the majority of points are field goals?  It says that the team is not moving the ball enough, and not making their first downs.  Remember, the offense has four downs (chances) to get the ball to move ten yards.  Then they get another four downs.  If they get all the way to the end, that’s a touchdown – 6 POINTS.  (Plus potential bonus points after, depending on what they do).

But what if they can tell they’re just not going to make it ten yards?  If they are close enough to the end – about 45 yards for the pros – they’ll go for a field goal.  Then they’ll at least get 3 POINTS.  (No potential for bonus points – but at least it’s something).

So, big props to the kickers.  After all, these guys are often the highest scoring players on the team.  Yesterday, Steven Hauschka scored over half of the Seahawks points.  And, he kicked a career-record field goal of 58 yards.  That’s over half a football field on its own!

But I don’t think it’s supposed to be like that.  In my mind, field goals are like last-resort points.  Touchdowns should be the bread and butter of the team.  Field goals are the … Top Ramen.  Am I wrong in my thinking?  Am I missing something?

Move the ball, gentlemen.  Get your butts over the line.

Have I mentioned this? …

Just one more thing about scoring – I can’t remember if I’ve blogged about it before.  A term that Rookies need to know is “Red Zone.”  The Red Zone is the last twenty yards before the end zone.  This is important, because when a team enters the Red Zone, the thought is that they’ll most likely get a touchdown.  So, you’ll usually hear the announcers make a special note of it when it happens.  As in, “It’s second and 3 with the Hawks in the Red Zone.”  This means that it’s the second down, the Seahawks have three yards to go until they get their ten yards for another first down, and they are already within twenty yards of the end zone.

When I learned this term, though, I also realized that I’ve seen Old Spice deodorant called “Red Zone” … and it’s called that because it means you’re more likely to score.


Hugs and loves!



2 responses to “Monday Morning Quarterback: We Should Score More

  1. Settling for field goal in the red zone is like taking your cousin to the prom. You may have scored, but you sure don’t want to brag about it.

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