Stupid Questions #7: WHY IS EVERYONE YELLING?!?

Football games can be LOUD (so I’ve heard – remember, you have 5 regular home games left to make history and take me to my first pro game!).

In any case, all of that noise is strategic. Here’s what the shouting is all about:

We’ve discussed how the coach is the one who decides on the plays. The QB communicates the plays to the team, or, he may need to change the play at the last second. In that case, he may call an audible. This literally means the play is audible to the team – it can be heard.

But, the play is usually in code. It sounds like a string of silly words or numbers, all of which only make sense to the offense, as to not tip off the defense to any strategy.

Every team team does it, but Peyton Manning (America’s “favorite” QB – *gag*) is most famous for his audible. He routinely yells “Omaha” so often, I don’t think it even means anything anymore.


The Coach
I kinda love to see a coach losing it on the sidelines, stomping back and forth. Jim Harbaugh — of the 49ers does this well, neck veins bulging and all. But this isn’t the yelling I’m talking about.

Something you’ll notice when you watch football is Clipboard Face. (I just made up this term; don’t use it at your next football party). Every coach does it! They holler from behind a clipboard, so that the cameras don’t pick up their lip movements, giving away any strategies. Watch for it: Clipboard Face.

The Fans
The Seahawks fans are called the 12th Man for a reason! Remember, there are 11 players on the field per side. When the Seahawks are on the defense, the 12th Man goes crazy, making as much noise as possible!

Why? For two reasons: first, to cover up and confuse any audibles the opposing QB might call. (See above). And second, to get the offense to false start.

A false start is movement by the offense before the ball is snapped. It’s illegal – and the penalty is five yards and a repeat of the down.

How does a crowd influence a false start? If the players on the field can’t hear the cadence (the QB calling for the ball), they may just guess, and flinch into movement. Getting it wrong will cost ’em! – and the crowd loves it.

Get loud this weekend, 12’s! Keep those Stupid Questions coming! Hugs and loves!


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