Throwback Thursday! This is My Super Bowl Face.

Super Bowl XLVIII was a blow out. You know it; I know it. In honor of Peyton Manning’s record-setting week, I thought I’d remind you of his world-record shaming last season, in the form of his loss to the Seahawks.

Here is the video of what our faces looked like at the moment of the win.

Some things to note:

– no tension. This was pretty anticlimactic, as we had won by halftime.

– giggles. It’s fun to win. I’ve been a Cubs fan my whole life. This pick a team and they win thing was magical.

– the decór. Johnny believes the more Hawks clutter in the living room, the better they’ll do. It’s not crazy if it works.

What are your superstitions and what was you Super Bowl face? Happy #tbt!

Hugs and loves!


3 responses to “Throwback Thursday! This is My Super Bowl Face.

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