This is your obligatory Percy Harvin post

I’ve had a few days to digest it.

At first I was shocked.

Then I wasn’t.

The rumors were there: locker room fights, diva behavior on the field, even GoldenTate-like rumor of “canoodling” (as one of my friends put it).

Percy Harvin was traded to the Jets for what seems like a pittance: a measly draft pick that may or may not pan out. Now we know he was shopped around for awhile. This must’ve been our last resort.

And, he went to the Jets. The Jets! This is a team with no regional fan base. Just a sad smattering of folks who cower and root from couches along the eastern seaboard.

It’s sad all around.

Pookie was P.O.’d for sure.

All of Percy’s TV appearances over the weekend have been stilted and rehearsed. He’s happy to be in New York … He loves the guys … He’s excited about this coaching staff …

But in his informal interviews yesterday, one question and answer moment gave me a glimmer of hope.. He was asked if he’s going to change anything and he said

I’m not a perfect person. There are some things I wish I could’ve done differently. But I’m gonna learn from them and move forward.

To me, this is a slight departure from the regular football rhetoric. For just a moment, he seemed reflective. Like Johnny said: “Aww … He misses Seattle.”

We miss you, too.

Hugs and loves.


3 responses to “This is your obligatory Percy Harvin post

  1. Bottom line, a team only functions at its best when you battle for the guy next to you rather than playing for yourself. Million dollar talent, ten cent character. If it gets the team back on track, I say good riddance to fragile, arrogant, selfish rubbish. Go HAWKS!

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