Monday Morning Quarterback: I’m a Rookie, You’re a Rookie, We’re All Rookies

When your first-string guys are out, you put in your back up guys. And your back up guys are often … you guessed it … rookies. I don’t want to make excuses for the Hawks game yesterday, but that’s what it felt like to me: a few of our “experienced” players dragging along our rookies.

On offense, besides my Pookie, Baldwin and Kearse are the most experienced. Kearse! I have friends that taught him in Jr. High!

Two of our major plays were by Helfet: a rookie TE, and backup to our injured players. (A note here – I have a special affinity for TE’s. They’re such utility players, having to block AND run AND catch. And, I’m convinced that if Johnny played football, he’d be a TE).

Another major player to step up was rookie Richardson. This second round draft pick proved his worth with 4 receptions (Kearse had 3, Baldwin had 7).

The rookie story on defense is twofold. First, it’s about individual penalties. As I said last week, it feels like early last season, before Pete got the boys to control their energies appropriately. Case in point: rookie Corner Simon, who scrapped all day. I love it – but it looked like the old, unfocused LOB.

Second, it’s about trick plays. Only kids fall for silly antics, and the Hawks fell for them. Oh, those crazy punts! As one commentator said: you only see this stuff on the Internet! He’s right – this is the stuff of high school or college games, because our players are that age level because they’re rookies.

We need to get healthy. We need to get our experienced boys out there – they’re young enough! And allow them to lead these newbies in The Way of The Champions.

So some perspective: we lost by 2 points. With a whole lotta inexperienced dudes. Imagine if we were totally healthy with all of our first-stringers?

Nice job, Rookie Hawks.

Hugs and Loves!


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