It’s a Tie.

This weekend the Carolina Panthers and the Cincinnati Bengals tied with a score of 37, all.

Let me reiterate. The Big Cat teams tied.

Didn’t know there were ties in American Football, Rookie? Well there are! And it’s ridiculous.

I didn’t know it was possible, either. I can remember having multiple arguments with football fans (before I became one) about the value of soccer.

How can you like a sport that ends in a tie?

they’d shout, red in the face. Now I know: they do too.

But it really shouldn’t be that way.

Here’s how it happens:

When teams are tied at the end of a game, they go into overtime (OT).
[Johnny just emailed to tell me to tell you that it’s actually regulation time. Not the end of the game. But Rookies know what I mean].
A ref tosses a coin, for who is kicking and who is receiving. The kicking team is defense, the receiving team is offense (which to a Rookie kind of sounds backwards … But think of it like another kick off. I receive the ball now that it’s been kicked to me, so I’m runnin’ with it!).

The OT is like a mini-game and it is 15 minutes long. That’s it. And there’s no double OT.

The team that “wins” the toss goes on offense first. They try to score. If they get a touchdown the game is over. This is called sudden death. Too bad for you, other team! You don’t even get to try!

But, if the offense only scores a field goal, then the other team gets a shot. Or, they get a shot if the first team didn’t score at all.

The same goes for the other side. But (and this is important) only until the 15 minute OT ends.

Which is how this weekend’s game ended in a tie.

Back in college …
But there’s a precedent in college ball to NOT have it go this way! In college, there isn’t a time limit. There’s still a coin flip, but each team gets a shot at being on offense (called “possession” … as in getting possession of the ball). After both teams have a turn, whomever has the most points, wins!

If they’re still tied, they do it again, each getting a shot at having possession. This is double OT.

They’ll do this UNTIL SOMEONE WINS.

Why doesn’t the NFL do this?

Cuz they’re stupid.


Really, I don’t know. Someone let me know in comments!
I’m guessing it has to do with letting games go too long. But this type of play is so infrequent, I can’t see that as an issue. Plus, Rookie, you know that game length is no big deal.

What do you think? Do we need a winner?

Hugs and Loves!

(Big props to the homies who advised this blog – since I’m super Rookie on this subject).


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