Monday Morning Quarterback: The Good, The Bad, and The Perky

Oy. That Seahawks loss against the Cowboys! Here are my thoughts this morning:

The Good
Doug Baldwin. Yes, there was a missed TD, but that was more about a missed pass and really good defense. Baldwin was there, doing his job.

Then, he went above and beyond, by playing defensively, blocking the Cowboys’ punt and allowing Mike Morgan to pick up the ball and run it in for a touchdown.

But my favorite moment of Baldwin’s was a shot the camera caught of him on the sidelines, shouting in Russell Wilson’s face. He’s been in the media today, being clear and honest: no sports-buzz words-run around, just pure feedback regarding problems in the offense. And that kind of reflection is good.

The Bad
Russell Wilson. He is lauded for his ability to run the ball, improvise, and make plays happen for himself. But these are exactly the same reasons why I think our offense is not coming together.

Every time he comes out of the pocket early, he proves he doesn’t trust his offensive line.

Every time he scrambles, he proves he can’t see an open receiver.

We have massive talent on the field. Kearse proved that with his 53-yard fade route. Are you telling me, Russ, that no WR can get open for a pass? That you have to scramble and slide that often? Are we finally seeing height come into play?

I remember a form he took a lot last year, when he – y’know – passed. He would do this little vertical leap just as he shot his arm forward. I haven’t seen it this year. I know nothing about throwing a ball – maybe you can let me know in comments if this observation means anything.

The Perky
Mike Morgan. Honestly, I had to look him up, by number. I kept yelling, “who is 57?!? Who is that 57 dude?!?”

Yes, he ran in that blocked punt (above). But his highlights were also his on-field energy. There were a couple of dog-piles this game, and both times, Morgan was right there, in the thick. As the victor pulled out with the ball, he spun, jumped, beat his chest and pumped his arms to hype the crowd. He was like the Hawks own personal Lil Jon, screaming

Turn down for what?!

I hope the Hawks take Baldwin’s criticisms to heart. But I hope they also maintain the positive energy of Morgan.

And I hope you remember that you only have 5 MORE HOME GAMES LEFT to be able say “I took The Rookie Girl to her first Seahawks game.”

Hugs and Loves!


3 responses to “Monday Morning Quarterback: The Good, The Bad, and The Perky

  1. They are playing like they believe the hype, no heart, no sense of urgency. Especially the defense. Michael Bennett gets crazy paid and is basically a no factor in the pass rush, our much maligned line backers that played with something to prove don’t right now, the LoB has been the Leigon of missed coverage. But the thing that makes me crazy is the lack of that killer instinct that made this unit so dominate last season. Bottom line, it starts inside, the Hawks can still make a run at this, but play the way they did on Sunday and we will be lucky to be 8-8 by seasons end. Next year Kaperbick for the Madden cover?

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