Throwback Thursday! The Time Alyssa Milano Was My BFF

That may be misleading.

But life is all about relationships and interconnectedness. And in our brief encounter with one another Alyssa and I (I think I can call her that) were as one, sharing a moment of eternal quality, where the Spirit in me recognized the Spirit in her, and vice versa. Namaste.

I’m pretty sure that’s not overstating it.

Way back in the stone age of football fandom (the 80’s), there weren’t really any clothing options for women. They mostly just wore men’s T-shirts, which sounds sexy in theory (as in, “she pulled on my T-shirt”) but was actually heinous. As every woman knows, women’s bodies are different, and men’s T’s have no place for boobs, or hips, the tummy part was all off, and high crew necks were unflattering. The 80’s were a bad time.

Then in the 90’s, it got worse. Someone, somewhere, figured out there were female fans. But that someone was a dude. A dude with bad taste. And some weird fetishes. Clothes fell into one of two categories:

Too ugly – all pink and rhinestones for no good reason, except for an assumption that y’know … girls.


Too sexy – all plungy or racer-back or strapless for no good reason, except for an assumption that y’know … strippers.

Um, it’s cold in Chicago, y’all.

And then came Alyssa Milano.

In Touch
Seeing the gap in the market, Alyssa developed a line called Touch. It’s fan-wear for women that fits, and flatters, is cute!, and shows real fan sensibility.

God Bless Us, Every One!
Last year, for our family Christmas photo, we decided to all wear Seahawks gear as an homage to the current winning season … and y’know … Baby Jesus.

So I bought a Touch shirt to wear, naturally. It was one I had wanted for awhile, and even pinned on Pinterest. Then, on our way to the photo session, I tweeted this (heavily filtered) pic of myself getting ready:


And then this happened*
*Fanschmurl was my old Twitter name


I proceeded to talk of nothing else during our whole photo sesh. And checked my phone incessantly, while followers and tweets pinged away. Johnny loved that (nope).

It was the greatest night of my life.

I mean, after wedding and kids and all.

Hugs and Loves, [Alyssa]!

PS this post would have equally qualified for #wcw as #tbt, obvs

2 responses to “Throwback Thursday! The Time Alyssa Milano Was My BFF

  1. Cool beans!
    Very recently, a man at the scarf kiosk tried to sell me a pink Seahawks scarf, to which I flatly said, “Pink is not a Seahawks color!”

    • I’m a total pink chick – ipad, purse, headphones … But give me all the options, y’know? Don’t force pink on me just cuz I’m a guuuuurl. I’ll choose it when I want it. And in sports gear it’s next to never.

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