Monday Morning Quarterback: Tuesday Afternoon Edition

It’s a good thing this weekend’s Stupid Questions was about penalties, because holy yellow flags, Batman, we sure saw a lot of them last night! Some of them were real, some of them were imaginary, but most of them were called on the Seahawks. This morning, Hawks Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin tweeted

Not pretty. Not clean. But a win is a win. On to the Next.

Before we move on, Doug, we Rookies need to slow down and think about how penalties affected the game. We’re still learning!

Poor, Poor Percy
Percy Harvin, one of the Hawks top Wide Receivers was hurt the most by penalties. He scored three touchdowns (THREE!!!), two right in a row, with none of them counting. That’s because someone else on the field committed a foul simultaneously, causing them to nullify the touchdowns and push the Hawks back a few yards.

TD 1 – Percy ran the ball 16 yards for a Touchdown. But, James Carpenter, an Offensive lineman was called for holding.

TD 2 – Percy caught a pass in the end zone for the touchdown. But this one was called back for a false start – on Percy. That one was total 🐴💩

TD 3 – Percy scored a third time, but Carpenter was called again! This time, for unsportsmanlike conduct. Basically the dude he tackled was already in the ground. You can’t do that. Meh.

How many times does Percy need to score to prove that he can score? So annoying.

Back in the day …
The whole game made me feel like it was back in the day … waaaay back … when I was a brand new fan … in the fall of ’13 …

Seriously, though. At the beginning of last season, our penalties were out of control. We were just hyper-aggressive all of the time! I kinda loved it. But then we learned to be aggressive and smart.. And we won a Super Bowl.
Last night we looked aggressive, with stupid mistakes.

Thanks a lot, HAWKS!
Penalties are up 44% in the NFL. Johnny asked me what I thought it was, while the talking heads discussed it on TV – care about concussions? Tighter rules? The effeminization of the sport?

Nope. It’s the Seahawks.

Last season’s hyper-aggressive style and general increase in penalties and a Super Bowl win, regardless led to the increase in penalties across the league. But that’s just this Rookie’s thought. (And I bet the other teams are maaaad! Ha!).

Next week
I hope to see as many TD’s … But y’know … All of them counting.

Hugs and loves!


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