When Katy Perry showed up on ESPN’s College Gameday this weekend, my brother-in-law immediately Facebooked me:


That’s because she looked like this:


He knows me so well.

After all, in college, I too was inspired to rock the Chun Li hair.


And Johnny often threatens to turn me in to What Not to Wear for my “embarrassing choices” in clothes. He often pleads with me to “wear khakis and a button down like normal people.” Thank God that show is off the air.

But Katy, a pastor’s kid (me too!), expresses herself through her look (me too!), and now I know she loves football (o … m … g … me too!).

I’m even a bit obsessed with Russell Brand.

For a full run down of her appearance, click here.

I don’t know how much her appearance did for women’s plight in sports broadcasting. But, (just this once!) who cares? It got Russell Wilson’s attention and IT WAS FUN! Sometimes that’s all we want.

🎶Cuz this is how we do!🎶

(Monday Morning Quarterback will be back tomorrow because the Hawks play tonight. #gohawks!)


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