Occasionally Asked Questions

I couldn’t, in good conscience, make this a Frequently Asked Questions blog. But here are some Occasionally Asked Questions you may be wondering, yourself …

Why did you wait so long to get into football?
Football seemed to against everything that’s me. The hyper-aggression, the commercialism, the literal side-lining of women … I fought having to watch it as long as I could stand.

But my hubs loves it. It wasn’t like he was going to stop loving it. So, I chose to embrace it. And if he’d make out with me as a result of a little fball knowledge, all the better.

If you’re such a feminist, why would you call yourself The Rookie GIRL? – you’re a grown woman!
While calling out the gender-based inequities in the NFL speaks to my desire for equality of all people, I’m also a lover of language. “Girl” has a diminutive tone, as does “Rookie.” That’s on purpose! I want to illustrate my newness to the sport, and my desire to grow.

When I grow in my knowledge, maybe I’ll change my name to The PNZU-Woman.

What’s a PNZU?
It’s a Pirate Ninja Zombie Unicorn.
It’s also what readers voted for when we decided what to call experienced fans.
It’s pronounced pin-zoo.
I just made that up.

You grew up in Chicago, but you’re a Seahawks fan. Are you a bandwagoner, a traitor, or some amalgamation of the two?
Wow. Calm down. Also, you have an excellent vocabulary, Questioner in My Head.

I lived in Chicago when I was kid. During that time was a golden age for the Cubs. (Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Andre Dawson …). That’s when I learned to love baseball. I did not learn about football, then, though. That came last year. I chose to follow the Seahawks because I live in the Tacoma-Seattle area, and the hubs loves ’em. I can’t help it that they won the Super Bowl the year I decided to follow them.

I can’t help it – but I can take credit for it.

You’re welcome.

Speaking of “in your head,” whose voice is on your youtube channel?
The Rookie voice in my head is played by Jasmyne Teoma. She’s a talented voice artist, and she perfectly plays how stupid I’ve felt while watching football.

With 1:42 left in the second quarter, the Panthers quarterback throws a perfect strike to his wide receiver. The receiver, successfully making the catch, fumbles the football after being hit at the Falcons 32-yard line. Another Panthers receiver scoops up the loose football after it rolls back to the 34-yard line and carries it, untouched, into the end zone. Is this a touchdown?
Um. Rookie. I don’t know how else to say it for ya.

*question provided by funtrivia.com
**I still don’t know the answer


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