Monday Morning Quarterback: Roller Coaster of Love

I’m spent this morning.

I don’t want to get all Freudian on you, Rookies, but I think I’m beginning to understand a key element in the Joy of Football: the tension and release.

When a game holds its fans in the clutches of suspense and even despair … and then a sudden play emerges, so sweet and hope-giving … it is positively euphoric.

No wonder all those dudes wanted to be left alone in their armchairs all those years.

On Saturday, Johnny and I went to the UW vs. Georgia State game. Like my fellow Huskies in the seas of Purple, I expected us to blow out those poor, lower division saps.


So my frustration at the half was at its peak when play after play crumbled for the UW, and GSU dominated at the half with a score of 0-14. I told Johnny that if the coach wasn’t screaming at those boys, I’d better go down and do it myself.

I guess he didn’t need my help, because the second half looked like a different game. The first drive didn’t see much, but by the second, momentum picked up and we were in our stride. The final score was 45-14.

Ahh. Euphoria.

It sure makes the long walk from the stadium to the car, and the traffic-ridden drive home a lot more tolerable when you’re covered in the after-glow of a win.

Yesterday’s game with Denver – the Super Bowl rematch – took the tension and release to a whole other level. Early on it was clear this was the evenly matched game the world expected, rather than the Bowl last year. Tied at three early on, hope built up as the Seahawks scored. But the tension was there, pulling tighter as time ticked down. We weren’t far enough ahead not to be caught. It felt good, but not good enough.

Then sure enough: a garbage call, a sack by DeMarcus Ware, an interception by Aqib Talib, and my Pookie got stopped just short of the end zone. The tension mounted to an unbearable peak.

And then Kam Chancellor intercepted Peyton Manning.

I yelled out in so much ecstasy at that play, I’m a little bit worried about what the neighbors think.

But it wasn’t over, and it certainly wasn’t enough. We headed into over time. Last week I could feel the imminent loss. But this week, as soon as I saw Russell Wilson rushing, I felt the victory ahead. In fact, Russell rushed for 21 yards and completed four out of six passes. Pookie went the final 6 yards for the winning touchdown!

Oh, the sweet release of victory!

We had plans to go out with friends after the game – but oh! I felt like I needed a cigarette first.*


*smoking is gross; you know what I mean


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