The NFL – A He-Man Woman-Hater’s Club?

After yesterday’s post, a few women started a discussion on my Facebook page about their disgust with the NFL. This is something I’ve stewed about for a long time – even before actually watching the game.

After all, this is the billion dollar organization that has brought you Michael Vick and his inhumane treatment of dogs, blind eyes to DUI’s and drug charges, and even murderers.

This is not to mention the pervasive misogyny rampant within the league: from the institutionalized sexualization and objectification placed on women in every area, all the way to the recent Ray Rice case of domestic abuse.

Now that I like football, I find myself wanting to defend the organization behind it. It’s the NFL that gives me my football!

This instinct is wrong.

This instinct is the one reserved for people – not companies, or institutions, or commercial interests.

Instead of defending the NFL, we should be pressing in: seeking justice and seeking truth. Not sacrificing any one perpetrator to the media as a scapegoat for the sins of the league, but using this time as a truly cathartic moment, and coming to terms with right and wrong. . This can be a great thing.

The NFL should reflect:
What do we expect of NFL employees? What are the consequences of actions? What are the due processes? What are the avenues of transparent communication?

And we, especially the female fans (and those who love us) should be asking demanding for this catharsis. We are the fastest growing demographic (44% of viewership) and the largest pool of purchasing power (reports of up to 81%).

It’s time for the NFL to come clean, and to realize who is really in its club, now.

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