Friday Afternoon Quarterback

Last night the Seahawks “sent Green Bay packing,” as the headlines read.

Watching the first game of the season this year felt so different from watching the first game last year! Mostly because I knew where the ball was the whole time.

That’s a season’s worth of learning, baby!

Here are the highlights, according to my rookie eyes:

My Pookie
Those who know me know that I have a special place in my heart for Marshawn Lynch – my Pookie. And last night he was not just on Beastmode, but he looked like he’d honed some new tricks. He seemed to run to the outside a lot more, not just drive down the middle, dragging 8 dudes with him.

Johnny thought more running and more yards might tire him out more, but I think having shorter runs having to pump his legs to drag defensive players with him would be more tiring. What do you think?

Percy Harvin
Harvin is so all-around amazing. Shen he’s involved in plays, you can actually see the opponent balk a little. I think we’ve just got a taste of his greatness.

Poor Richard
Sherman got sooo shafted! As a corner, he just wants a ball thrown his way so he can shut down the receiver or make a pick. But not a single ball was thrown on his side last night. Obviously that’s a testament to his ability.

Earl Thomas (everything will be okay)
One time I took a Zimbio quiz to see which Seahawk I’d be and I got Earl Thomas. I was so happy because I see him as a shining leader and a major contender.

He had an off night last night.

In his new role as punt returner, he fumbled, creating an opportunity resulting in a touchdown for Green Bay. It was a mistake, I think, bred of over eagerness and a competitive spirit. Later, he missed an opportunity at a pick.

His frustration was written all over his face, but one man does not a team make. It certainly didn’t hurt the score.

Yay O-Line!
By far, my biggest worry coming into this season was our offensive line. While people praise Russell Wilson’s ability to scramble once he’s outside the pocket, I’ve always felt like,

But why does he have to?? Block for him so that he can execute the play!!

Anyway, the blocking seemed much better over all. And the fact that Zach Miller made that amazing catch right after I tweeted him sure doesn’t feel like a coincidence.

How ’bout you?
Did any moments stand out to you? Are you an enraged Cheesehead? Tell me about it!

Happy Friday, Rookies!



2 responses to “Friday Afternoon Quarterback

  1. You know the moment that stood out the most to me? The fact that we played on THURSDAY and it wasn’t FRIDAY or a day I’m allowed to wear MY HAWKS SWAG! Lamesauce…So I decided that today is the day that I wore it. Game or no game.

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