Stupid Question #1: Who are we again?

This is the first in a series of posts I think of as the anchors of The Rookie Girl. When I first thought of blogging at all, this was the post I first imagined.
These are the questions you should NEVER ask during a live football game. You will annoy the crap out of your friends and family. I know from experience. But you can ask me. I’ll love you anyway.

Who are we again?

There are no stupid questions here! This is a safe place! So, Rookies, here’s how to know which team is yours:

1. Know your colors
Every team has a set of two main and one or two auxiliary colors. For example, my team is the SEAHAWKS. Our main colors are a deep blue and lime green. We have auxiliary colors of white and can accent with silver. But if anyone ever asked our colors, we’d say, “blue and green!”

Never “cobalt and chartreuse!” Even though I reeeeally want to.

It’s important to know your colors because it’s your first clue as to your guys on the field. You should be wearing your colors and cheering for the matching team. Don’t be offensive by accidentally wearing the oppositions’ colors.

It’s like a gang.
But with hummus.

In my ‘hood you’d better wear blue every game day, as well as every casual Friday before every game day (aka Blue Friday). That means, be prepared to wear blue on Fridays, Sundays, some Thursdays, if Pete Carroll tweets a mandate, or if Beastmode talks to the media for more than 8 seconds.

Good thing I like blue.

2. Home or away?
Okay, you know your colors, but theirs are, like, really similar! What do you do? There are some built in clues for this, Rookie!

If your team is playing at home, meaning in your own city, your team’s jersey (shirt) is the darker of your colors. If you are playing away, meaning in the other team’s city, your jersey is lighter, or white. This is a general rule.

There are exceptions to the rule!

If you are a COWBOYS fan: your team likes to play in white at home, so you make the other teams wear their dark jerseys.
The same goes for the REDSKINS.

No comment as to why it’s these two teams as the exceptions.

Also, the NFL says that every team gets to have two “throwback jersey” games in their fashion rotation. These are jerseys that have some significance in the past. For instance, the BEARS might wear their 1985 jerseys to commemorate their last Super Bowl win.

3. When I say who are we, I really mean which way …
Sometimes rookies don’t know the right questions to ask. Not knowing what you don’t know means not knowing what you don’t know! So maybe what you’re really asking is, “which way are we supposed to be going?”

This is a great question, Rookie!

At the beginning of the game, representatives from each team (usually your quarterback and another popular player), will participate in a coin toss. This will decide who is going to be on offense or defense first, and on which side of the field.

At the toss, the winner picks if they want to kick (offense) or receive (defense).

The loser decides which side of the field they want to take.

So, if GREENBAY wins the toss and are all, “aww yeah! We won the toss! We will kick!”
The SEAHAWKS can be like, “well have fun kicking into the wind, bitxhes!”

I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.
Football and Mean Girls are similar.

4. But wait! Who are we again?
Oh no. It’s the start of the fourth quarter, you are a little groggy from Bud Light and nachos, and you can’t figure it out! That’s because at the end of every quarter THEY SWITCH SIDES! I know. I know. It’s like they’re doing this on purpose.

Stick with it, Rookie. It gets easier!

Hugs and loves!
– Deanna

Watch the accompanying video here!



7 responses to “Stupid Question #1: Who are we again?

  1. Hey Rook, you actual get to choose to kick, receive, which goal to defend, or to defer this decision to the second half. If you defer the team that lost the toss can choose from the first three options mentioned.

  2. Say your team has a rockin defense and you want to set the tone for the game by knocking the other team around. You win the toss and defer (presuming the opponent will then receive and start on offense) you get to start with you strength and start on offense at the half. This also gives you mor options on the last possession of the half, say you are down 7 but you can’t get to the end zone without taking some bad chances, kick the field goal as time expires knowing you get the ball right back. Dent the lead to 4 and retain possession.

  3. Now the Hawks can play for the field goal pad the lead and get the ball at the half with a chance to drive a nail in the coffin. Defer.

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