Seahawks Practice Too Hard?!?

It’s official: my team is tougher than your team.

Yesterday we learned that the NFL is fining the Seahawks for practicing too hard.

“How does that even work?” I screamed, like a total rookie.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

The NFL doesn’t want players crashing into each other in the off season. This rule came as a result of players being worried about injury off the competitive field – where the money is to be made. And, of course, it behooves the NFL to have the best players healthy on the field, and not concussed on the bench. Cha-Ching!!

Gosh, I like the word, “behooves.”

But here’s the thing I keep reading:
“There goes Cheaty Petey, again.”

See, our coach, Pete Carroll, has a colorful past.

But accusing Pete of cheating, in this case, is just … stupid.

It shows a total lack of understanding of the rule. This rule is in place not to give teams UNFAIR ADVANTAGE, but for HEALTH AND SAFETY!

So if we want to knock each other out and risk injury in practice, it doesn’t give us an unfair advantage. It’s a risky move, health wise. Cheating is taking an unfair advantage; this is about violating a safety regulation.

But it should still make the 49-ers wet themselves a little.


One response to “Seahawks Practice Too Hard?!?

  1. Not gonna lie…colorful past or not…my blood boiled reading some of the comments yesterday. Our boys are so badass that they just go full tilt 24/7 – rules or no rules.

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