Awkward First Post

Every new blog has to have one!

Welcome to The Rookie Girl blog – an off-shoot of my YouTube channel: TheRookieGirl.  Here, like on that channel, football noobs will get football basics.  But unlike the channel, you’ll get more in-depth knowledge, and content related to football – but … loosely.  For instance – why do we hate pink jerseys?  What makes the best Super Bowl snacks?  Why are female football pundits hot, while males are … y’know … less … hot?

Photo cred: Fox Sports HOT ...

Photo cred: Fox Sports

Photo cred: CBS Sports ... LESS HOT?

Photo cred: CBS Sports

But WHY The Rookie Girl?

Thirteen months ago, I had an epiphany: football isn’t going anywhere.

It sounds simple and stupid, I know.  But I have spent years resenting men at work using football metaphors in meetings (I don’t know what it means when you say we are in a “third and long situation!!!” Ugh!).  I was tired of losing my husband every Sunday to “the game” (and Saturday, and Monday night.  “Now there are Thursday night games, too?  Oh, hooray!  *Sits in corner, alone.*).

Oh, I’d tried in years past to understand football, but it always looked like this:


And I’d get the MOST CONDESCENDING LOOKS and SIGHS from my friends when I asked the STUPID QUESTIONS.

So, last year, being a middle school teacher, I decided to just approach it like I would with a struggling student: one skill at a time. I didn’t try to “get it” all at once.  I just made a small goal every game.  I only asked questions related to that subject.  So, they weren’t stupid questions – they were focused.

Suddenly, football was fun.

And my husband, and my friends, didn’t mind having me in the room.

And the game made some sense.

And my team won the Super Bowl.

Photo cred: Reuters

Photo cred: Reuters

Oh, I don’t know everything there is to know about football.  I’m still a total rookie – but at least we can be rookies together.

This is a safe place for stupid questions.  No condescension – no judgement.  Just learning about football until it’s fun for us all!



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